About Us

Let us tell you about our story...


As a group of Year 13 students attending Hutt International Boys School, we had been assigned to create a business for our Business Studies Course. 

As part of the Young Enterprise Scheme program for 2018, we were assigned to start a business which was environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We came together as a team to discuss issues we all face in day to day society. Living in Wellington, New Zealand, we know there are many cafes which still use plastic straws and the amount of plastic waste that is disposed of each year is far too much to have a sustainable future. We also identified that Wellington City has plans for the near future to reduce plastic use and improve the environmental awareness of its population. 

This is where we decided to sell metal straws. Reusable, recyclable and practical, the metal straw is the future of consuming drinks. Whether it be your morning smoothie or an evening cocktail to relax, know that the environment has "one less straw"  in the oceans.


Our sale of these metal straws has a simple purpose, we want to raise awareness of plastic waste in our oceans. 5% of our profit goes straight towards cleaning up New Zealand's oceans to ensure New Zealand remains to hold the title of a clean, green country.

So who is behind this movement?

Billy Richardson is a year 13 student at Hutt International Boys’ School. As General Manager of OceanicStraws, his responsibilities include running general business practice, organising the other members of the group and helping devise strategies.

Samuel Fleming is the Marketing Manager with a focus on academics and various artistic ventures, such as an interest in design and proficiency in photography. These make him ideal as the creative leadership within the business to develop and implement our marketing and promotional activity. His responsibilities include devising marketing strategies and creating promotional material. 

Kyle Wray is a senior student with a particular focus on business, a sound mathematical brain and a specific interest in accounting which make him the ideal choice as Finance Manager. His roles and responsibilities include managing the business's finances and revenue, along with creating forecasts and financial operations.

William Bahler, the Operations Manager, is a year 13 business studies student with hands-on experience in a business setting through his job at the Warehouse group. His responsibilities include organising the purchasing of resources for the production of Oceanic Straws and working concurrently with the other managers to ensure the smooth running of the business.


With this group of like-minded individuals, we aim to change and increase the awareness of plastic waste and change the world's perspective on recycling. Together, we can change the World, One straw at a time.